Please Try Again Later!

I heard that in ancient time people used to send messages via pigeon. I wonder what would have happened if the pigeon dropped the latter or flew somewhere else.

what if the message is not delivered because of bad mobile networks?

In 21st century, we use mobile phones to send messages. But what if the message is not delivered because of bad mobile networks?

One night I was at my room. Suddenly, my phone notified me about a message received. The message was from my girlfriend. It read “Please call me. I’m feeling very low. I need to talk to you.” I immediately dialed her number but a lady told me, “”The number you are trying to call can not be reached at the moment. Please try again later.”

I obeyed the lady and tried again but couldn’t get in the line. I also tried to send her message but it wasn’t delivered. After trying for many times, I gave up and slept.

Next morning, I woke up with a ring tone, a message from her. It read, “I waited whole night for your call. I was in need of you. But you didn’t call. Please don’t bother to cal me anymore.” It was a breakup message. I immediately called her but the same voice kept on irritating me. I called her in landline and tried to explain what had happened but she refused to listen.

Few months later, her friend told me that she was going abroad the very same day. I again called her but all I could get was “Please try again later”. I took my bicycle and ran towards airport so that I could meet her for one last time. The time I reached the airport, flight just took off. I could do nothing. I just kept watching until the plane vanished in the sky.

It’s been more than a year since we broke up and I found a new girlfriend. It’s a new love new world. And if this time I loose my love because of bad mobile networks, I swear I am going to use pigeon again.

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