I’m Anup Shakya

I am a front-end developer writing HTML/CSS/jQuery since 2013. I have worked as a front-end developer for Codewing Solutions, Rara Themes and Blossom Themes. After working for more than 6 years as a full time employee I decided to start my career as a freelancer. You can find me at Upwork. While I'm not in a date with my codes, I love traveling, reading and writing poems.
#HTML, #CSS, #jQuery, #Photoshop, #XD, #Poems

I'm Anup Shakya

What I Love?

I must do all these things to live happily. These are the things that motivate me. Few things that I Love to do.

Web Design & Developement

This is my primary work. I love to design awesome website and develop it


Not perfect. Learning photography but yes I love to take pictures.


I love writing/reading poems. It is a way for me to express my feeling practically or hypothetically.


I love traveling. I mean who doesn't. Exploring new place, culture and tradition, meeting new people. WOW!



Music is like blood circulatory system of my body. It keeps me alive and positive.


I don't know why I am attracted towards history. It's like love at first sight with historical places.

Hire me!

For the qualitative front end development of your website. Email me @ anup.shakya60@gmail.com or hire me in Upwork.